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How long is the average lifespan of our socket?

A: The lifespan of probe-type socket differs from that of spring-type socket. The former can be used for 100,000-300,000 times, while the latter 10,000-100,000 times. For more details, please refer to the product specifications.

Is there any certification for our socket?

A: Yes, ISO9001 Certification.

What materials does our socket use?

A: It varies for test socket and burn-in socket. For details, please refer to the product description pages or HongYi product series pages.

What’s the MOQ?

A: 1PCS. Of course, the larger the quantity is, the lower the price will be.

What’s the delivery time?

A: Spot goods will be delivered within 24 hours, while customized sockets in 7-15 days. In case of holidays, delivery shall be postponed.

What are the advantages of KZT products?

Answer (A): Definitely yes. Our price is 1/3 lower than other brands. To be specific, we are the largest socket manufacturer in China, providing one package service from production, RD to sales; while our competitors are mostly agents.