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Custom Capacitor Test socket

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Custom Capacitor Test socket
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Custom Capacitor Test socket 

We all know that capacitors are the most commonly used components in electronic products, so what is the structure of the capacitor?
A capacitor is an electronic component that holds and discharges a charge. The basic working principle of the capacitor is charging and discharging, of course, rectification, oscillation and other functions. In addition, the structure of the capacitor is very simple, mainly composed of two positive and negative electrodes and a wire connecting the two and an insulator medium sandwiched therebetween. Therefore, the size of the capacitance is mainly determined by the electrode and the insulating medium. The main uses of capacitors are as follows:
1. DC blocking: the role is to prevent DC from passing and let the AC pass.
2. Bypass (decoupling): Provides a low impedance path for some parallel components in the AC circuit
3. Coupling: as a connection between two circuits, allowing AC signals to pass through and to the next level of current
4. Filtering: This is very important for DIY. The capacitance on the graphics card is basically this function.
5. Temperature compensation: compensate for the influence of other originals on the temperature, and compensate for the stability of the circuit.
6. Timing: Capacitor and resistor are used together to determine the time constant of the circuit
7. Tuning: System tuning of frequency related circuits, such as: mobile phones, radios

8. Rectification: opening or closing the semiconductor switching device at a predetermined time

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