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The Application of FPC test clip

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The Application of FPC test clip
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The Application of FPC test clip

  We know the FPC test clip that it working for FPC cable ,and it can test the continuity of FPC cable with main device .high-density FPC that emerged in the second half of the 1990s began to enter large-scale industrial production. Its circuit pattern has developed to a more subtle level, and the market demand for high-density FPC is also growing rapidly. 

    MP3, MP4 player, portable CD player, home VCD, DVD, digital camera, mobile phone and mobile phone battery, medical, automotive and aerospace FPC become an important variety of epoxy CCL, flexible, epoxy-based Flexible copper clad laminates (FPC), which are used more and more widely due to their special functions, are becoming an important variety of epoxy-based copper clad laminates. However, Chinas start is late to catch up. Since the realization of industrial production, epoxy flexible printed circuit boards have experienced more than 30 years of development. In the 1990s, the world developed a photosensitive cover film corresponding to high-density circuits, which made the FPC have a big change in design.

  The adapter that testing the FPC is just like a clip and test so easy, put the FPC clip on mouth of the clip,the tail you can install a ZIF socket or sold FPC cable to contact with your main device .we call it FPC test clip ,not FPC test socket.

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