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Test Socket Breakout Board

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Test Socket Breakout Board
View:- Date:2018-07-16 10:14:54

Cooperative product:Test Socket Breakout Board

Customer: Brazil Elcomp company


1. pinout will be confirmed by the following pads,it is the 3.3V input voltage and GND.

2. The breakout device usage: For checking this two net pads value is good or not,and help them confirm this product is good or not on its WIFI device.

3. Chip type: WIFI Main controller

Test Socket Breakout Board

Test Socket Breakout Board FEATURES

Fan-out from an ANDK Socket or DUT on a small pitch array 1.0mm pitch or smaller to a larger pitch/array for prototyping or programming

Allows DUT to connect to breadboard or ZIF socket for prototyping/programming

Adapt to existing test benches and tooling

Test Socket Breakout Board

Test Socket Breakout Board

Test Socket Breakout Board




Pinout port pitch: 2.54mm

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: it can be customized by customized

Test Socket Breakout Board


we also provide other IC applications in this type breakout board.

Solders to existing PCB footprints for QFPs, TSSOPs, and many other fine pitch devices down to 1.0mm

For details, please contact:

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