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High frequency socket-2.5GHz test socket

High frequency socket-2.5GHz test socket

Product Introduction

Product details


Socket requirements:

Frequency Range 0.03 – 2.5GHz
P SAT >40dBm at P IN = 27dBm
P1dB >33dBm
PAE >50%
Large Signal Gain >13dB
Small Signal Gain >19dB
Input Return Loss >10dB
Output Return Loss >12dB
Bias V D = 32V, I DQ = 360mA, V G = -2.6V Typical
Wideband Flat Power
Package Dimensions 5.0 x 5.0 x 1.45 mm

Socket feature:

Pin count 32+9pins(GND bigger pin)
Pin pitch > 0.5mm
IC Size 5*5mm
Material pogo pin


Small spacing
minimum pitch of 0.2mm
test accuracy
The test is accurate and the error rate is 0.001 %
High temperature
high temperature: 175℃, low temperature: -55℃
long service life
Life span more than 300,000 times, 2-3 times that of other similar brands

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