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Brief description of the BGA socket

2018-07-10 15:20:33 

The BGA is a package in the IC that is typically used in memory chips to increase memory capacity by two to three times in the same volume. The BAG chip has a smaller volume, better heat dissipation and electrical performance than the TSOP chip. The frequency of use is also greatly improved. Many BGA socket are in the patch. I don't know if it is not attached or the chip itself is bad. The motherboard will not boot. In the repair, the BGA is usually taken down and replaced to analyze the reason. To verify whether the IC is OK, you need to use tools to test, so the tools to test BGA are what we call BGA test fixture, BGA test seat, BGA test stand, etc.

BGA socket

The BGA package chips on the market can be described as a wide variety if they are divided by the number, size and spacing of the packaged PIN pins. Hongyi Electronics' existing BGA test benches are mostly in stock, and some of the less commonly used ones need to be customized. Foreign BGA test bench customization time generally takes 4-6 weeks, and our company only needs one week. The price/performance ratio is higher and better than that of foreign test stands.

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