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SMT/SMD capacitor burn in test socket

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SMTChip capacitor burn in test specification:

specification Matching Model and pattern 12XX 13XX 23XX 28XX 32XX Remarks
Corresponding patch Tantalum capacitorspecification A Shell BShell C Shell D Shell E Shell H Shell
V Shell W Shell
G Shell Prepared for 15 days
Corresponding patch capacitor specification 1206 1210 N/A N/A 29XX 3025 N/A

No mold and its model 06XX 08XX 18XX 22XX
More than 5K orders free mold,prepared within 35 days after order
Corresponding patch capacitor specification *0603 *0805 1808 1812 2220 2225

Tg200 Series Performance Specifications (Common):

Long work temperature Contact resistance Insulation resistance (500VD.C) Solderability Mechanical life
-55℃~+150℃ ≤0.05Ω ≥1×109Ω ≥90%mm2 ≥5000H

Tg200 Series Performance Specifications (Special):

Long work temperature Contact resistance Insulation resistance (500VD.C) Solderability Mechanical life
-55℃~+200℃ ≤0.05Ω ≥1×109Ω ≥90%mm2 ≥5000H

PCB with burn in test pad LAYOUT schematic:

number model Lmm Wmm
1 603 38.4 13.4
2 805 38.4 13.9
3 12xx 38.4 14.9
4 18xx 38.4 16.5
5 22xx 38.4 17.5
6 30xx 38.4 18.9


Small spacing

Small spacing

minimum pitch of 0.2mm

test accuracy

test accuracy

The test is accurate and the error rate is 0.001 %

High temperature

High temperature

high temperature: 175 ℃, low temperature: -55 ℃

long service life

long service life

Life span more than 300,000 times, 2-3 times that of other similar brands

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capacitor burn in socket


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