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TSOP48 burn in socket

TSOP48 burn in socketTSOP48 burn in socketTSOP48 burn in socketTSOP48 burn in socket

Product Introduction

TSOP48 Standard Burn in Socket Pitch 0.5mm IC Test Socket IC Size 12x18.4mm Programmer Adapter for TSOP48 NAND flash or Nor flash test in SSD and other memory device.

Product details

Material & Specifics

Structure open-top
Socket Body PES, PEI or Equivalent
Contacts Beryllium Copper Alloy
Contact Plating Gold over nickel
Contact Force 18g Per pin (Normal)
Operation Force Max 1.0kg
Contact Resistance 30mohm MAX.a1 10mA and 20mV max (Initial)
Insulation Resistance 1,000m ohm min. at DC 500V
Dielectric withstanding voltage For 1 Minute at AC 700V
Operation Temperature -55 ~ +175 Celsius degree
Operation Life 15,000 times +-1%(Mechanical)


Small spacing
minimum pitch of 0.2mm
test accuracy
The test is accurate and the error rate is 0.001 %
High temperature
high temperature: 175℃, low temperature: -55℃
long service life
Life span more than 300,000 times, 2-3 times that of other similar brands

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